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The difference between fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried sh

  • Fengjin
  • 2021-06-26
Dried shiitake mushrooms and fresh shiitake mushrooms are different in taste and nutritional value. Fresh shiitake mushrooms are soft in the mouth, fresh and fragrant, and contain a lot of vitamin C ingredients; while dried shiitake mushrooms are sun-dried, the aroma is stronger and the taste is more chewy, because some of the vitamin C ingredients inside are destroyed due to sunlight, but Vitamin D components will increase.

The efficacy and function of fresh shiitake mushrooms
Each 100 grams of edible fresh mushrooms contains only 40 calories. Compared with other fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods, mushrooms are a kind of high-protein, low-calorie food. Fresh shiitake mushrooms also contain shiitake mushrooms, which contain lentinan and ribonucleic acid, which can activate T cells. Regular consumption can improve brain cell function. People engaged in mental work can often eat fresh shiitake mushrooms.

     Fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms are different in terms of nutritional value. You can choose according to your needs. The internal structure of shiitake mushrooms undergoes great changes during the drying process. A kind of shiitake extract is produced in shiitake mushrooms, and the fragrance of shiitake mushrooms is stronger, which is why dried shiitake mushrooms smell very fragrant. Stewing the soup with dried shiitake mushrooms can greatly enhance the umami taste of the soup.

  Dried shiitake mushrooms are not easier to clean than fresh shiitake mushrooms. Many people buy dried shiitake mushrooms or will soak them for a long time before cleaning. In fact, there are not many such practices. The nutrients in the dried shiitake mushrooms will be incorporated into the water after soaking for a long time. The correct way is to wash the dried shiitake mushrooms directly.
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